GFXI Frequently Asked Questions

  • GlobalFX Investments is a registered company with with Australian Company Number (ACN): 603 240 802.

  • GlobalFX Investments takes a number of precautionary measures to ensure that the personal details of our clients are held in absolute confidence and are securely stored so as not to be accessible by unauthorised persons.

  • All clients’ funds are held in segregated accounts, meaning completely separate from the comapny’s accounts. Clients’ funds are kept by ICC Intercertus Capital Limited in first class banks.

  • In order to verify your account, you click on the mail sent to your after sucessful registration.

  • We put in extra efforts to guarantee a steady profit rate for all our clients depending on the plan they subscribe to.

    • Starter plan - investment range $5,000 - $49,999, 20% monthly profit rate.
    • Investor plan - investment range $50,000 - $99,999, 30% monthly profit rate.
    • Trader plan(max profit) - investment range $100,000 - no maximum, 45% monthly profit rate.

  • Trading commences on your account as soon as your account has been approved and funded.

  • GlobalFX supports the following payment methods:

    • Internet wallets: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Skrill
    • Bank Wire – please login to your account in order to obtain bank details necessary for you to process your payment
    • Paypal

  • Minimum deposit is 5,000 USD/EUR/GBP/CHF

  • We are currently accepting the following currencies: USD, EUR, GBP, AUD.

  • Depending on the deposit method, wire deposit usually takes between 3 to 5 working days, depending on the sending bank while other methods take less. Once we received the funds in our bank account, they will be deposited into your trading account. Please contact, in case you have been charged with the deposit but funds are not showing in your trading account.

  • To withdraw funds, please log into your GlobalFX account and make a withdrawal request. Our accounting department will receive your request and proceed within 1 business day. Up to the deposit amount, withdrawal will ALWAYS be sent back to the payment method used to fund the trading account.
    Please note, in order for a withdrawal request to be processed, your account with GlobalFX must be fully verified.

  • Withdrawal requests are processed within 1 business day. Please note, at the company’s sole discretion, in some cases we can require additional information on the event of the withdrawal, in which case the request might be processed later. After the withdrawal request is processed, it depends on the withdrawal method how long it takes for the client to receive the funds.

  • No. You can withdraw any remaining balance in your account that is not currently being used to secure open trades, however, please note, if the requested amount is lower than the processing fee, we won’t be able to proceed with the request.

  • The foreign exchange market (Forex or FX) is a market where participants buy, sell, exchange and speculate on currencies. In particular, it consists of trading one currency for another, ex: EURUSD. This means trading the Euro against the US dollar. Forex is the largest and most liquid financial market in the world, with an average daily turnover in the trillions. Trading foreign exchange may have various advantages because of its transparency, direct dealing, significant trading volumes, extreme liquidity and the great number of participants in the market including governments, central banks, banks, financial institutions, corporations, private investors, etc.

  • Due to the different time zones of the major financial centres, starting from New Zealand to Australia, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Europe and the Americas, the Forex market is open 24 hours a day, 5 days a week, usually from Sunday 00:00 until Friday 23:59:59 Australian local time.

  • Currencies that are traded against the US dollar are called Majors and make up the greatest number of foreign currency trades:

    • USD (US Dollar)
    • EUR (Euro)
    • GBP (British pound)
    • JPY (Japanese yen)
    • CHF (Swiss Franc)
    • AUD (Australian dollar)
    • CAD (Canadian dollar)

  • Margin Trading is trading financial instruments based on Margin which is a guaranteed deposit based on a certain percentage that is requested from clients in order to open a new position. Margin guarantees the coverage of losses made by the client in the case that the market moves against him. Deposits are transferred back to the account when position is closed or hedged. Clients are required to maintain a minimum amount of funds for each open position held in their trading account, in accordance with the chosen leverage. These funds are known as Margin Requirements and are considered to be a guarantee and not a cost. Leverage is defined as borrowed capital, such as margin, used to increase the potential return of an investment. In cases where the client uses leverage for an investment and the market moves in the opposite direction to the client’s expectation, the loss on the investment is much greater than what it would have been if the investment had not been leveraged. Leverage magnifies both profits and losses. The higher leverage, the higher the level of risk and the higher possibility of a profitable return or loss. Once the Free Margin/available margin of a trading account falls below Margin Call level, the trading account is considered to be on Margin Call. The client is recommended to add new funds to his/her trading account in order to bring the Free Margin of the trading account to its required level. In cases where the trading account is not supported with additional funds and the Free Margin falls below the stop out level, the trading account will be stopped out.

  • Contact Form – please send us your request from our convenient contact page
    Telephone – please call us on +1 571-549-3181 . Our Support Team is available around the clock 24/5.
    Email – send us an email (please note, clients are requested to communicate from email address registered in the account):
    Support Team: